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To make an appointment to see Dr Pudel in his rooms you will first require a current referral from your GP, Dentist or other Specialist Doctor. A referral from your GP for a particular condition is current for 12 months and from your Specialist is current for 3 months. Any new conditions will require a new referral.
When you call the clinic to make an appointment, please let the receptionist know if your referral is an ear, nose or throat related problem.
When you come to the clinic for your consultation, patients will need to bring to Dr Pudel the current referral letter, Medicare card, Veteran’s Affairs Card if applicable and any recent medical or diagnostic results.
If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice.
Note: Being referred to Dr Pudel’s private rooms for your initial consultation does not benefit patients with their waiting period at the public hospital Outpatient Clinic.

Fee Policy

This is a private clinic and all fees can be discussed with the secretary when you make your appointment with Dr Pudel.
Patients will be asked to make payment in full on the day of the consultation and those with a current referral will be able to apply for the applicable Medicare rebate.

GP Information

Dr Eduard Pudel provides care in the diagnosis, investigation and management of adult and paediatric ENT conditions involving the oral cavity, throat, nose and sinuses, salivary glands, thyroid, ears and hearing.
Dr Pudel also provides diagnosis, investigation and management of adult and paediatric patients with malignant and non malignant conditions of the head and neck. Complex surgery for Head and Neck ablation and reconstruction, endoscopic laser surgery and surgery of the thyroid glands are also provided.

Audiology testing

Dr Pudel’s practice provides access to a comprehensive range of in rooms services including on site audiology.

Referral Requirements

General Practitioners are requested to provide a comprehensive referral, which may include relevant and current diagnostic tests and reports, treatment reports and operation notes.

Please send referral and any results and reports by:

Email to:

Fax to (03) 9596 6550

Mail, in advance of the patient’s appointment with Dr Pudel to:

161 North Road Brighton, 3186

If you consider the patient’s condition to be urgent, please contact Dr Pudel’s rooms to discuss and enable same day consultation or the secretary can direct your call directly to Mr Pudel’s mobile if he’s out of the rooms at a hospital.

Telephone on (03) 9596 8005

For a medical emergency, please telephone rooms, or arrange for the patient to be admitted to emergency services at the local hospital.

Note: Referring a patient to Dr Pudel’s private rooms for an initial consultation does not benefit patients with respect to waiting period at the public hospital Outpatient Clinic.

Private Operating SItes

Public Appointments

Mr Pudel holds current public appointments at Royal Melbourne Hospital and Southern Health (Monash Hospitals Group). This means that patients who have current hospital insurance and need a surgery, but cannot afford an out of pocket expense, may choose to be operated as a Private Patient in a Public hospital (PIP) by Mr Pudel. However, PIP patients must still serve a public waiting list of a chosen hospital.

Patient Resources

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